Gardening Guides: How to Plant in Pots


Re-potting a house plant

  • Check the roots of your houseplants regularly. When the root ball fills the pot it is time to repot into a larger container. Water your plant about an hour before repotting, as this will make it easier to remove the plant from its pot and reduce root damage.
  • Remove your plant from its pot. Check the roots for damage and cut off any that look dead or diseased.
  • Choose a clean flowerpot about 2” bigger than the one the plant was growing in. Fill the bottom of the new container with about 2” of Multi-Purpose compost. Place the plant in the centre of the container and fill all round the side of the pot with more compost, making sure that you push the compost down into the sides with your fingers, but still ensure there is air in the compost. Tap the sides of the container to aid settling the compost.
  • Water the plant. Keep the plant in its normal environment until it has settled into its new pot or container and feed with a high nitrogen fertiliser to aid vigorous root growth.
Re-potting a house plant
Re-potting a house plant

Tips for success with terracotta pots

  • Soak terracotta pots thoroughly before planting, so they do not draw the moisture from the newly planted compost and plants
  • Make sure you give all plants a thorough watering before planting.
  • Plant up large pots in their planting position to save you lifting heavy items.
  • Place a layer of coarse gravel in the bottom of your container, this will help drainage. Fill to the brim with compost, but only firm it once plants are in place.
  • Mix water-retaining gel into the compost before planting to help your plants survive if you forget to water.
  • Add either a controlled release fertiliser to your compost before planting, or feed your plants every week with a suitable fertiliser, Regular feeding makes a difference to how your plants perform throughout the summer
Terracotta clay pots for garden plants and flowers.
Terracotta clay pots for garden plants and flowers.